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Breast Cancer in Men, Women, and Children - Part 1

Breast cancer, as with most cancers, begins ten to twenty years prior to manifestation. And yes, it can occur in men, particularly with regular alcohol use, and in increasingly younger girls.

Modern medical advice and nonemergency intervention, the number one killer, holds the reins on prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Prevention is popularly thought to be mammography and mastectomy. Mammography is not recommended for anyone under fifty. For one, the density of breast tissue at that age makes detection unreliable. Two, the earlier the age, the more vulnerable tissue is to radiation damage and initiation of cancer. Even in those over fifty, as discussed in a previous issue, the procedure may damage breast tissue and even spread cancer. It also gives a high percentage of false positives and negatives. Better and safer detection is provided by thermography, or better yet a dog:

As for mastectomy, well yes it can prevent breast cancer, but so too could getting your legs amputated prevent leg cancer.

The prevailing standard of care is surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. But that does nothing to address the cause and may do more harm than good.

In spite of failure and damage, with a few significant exceptions doctors en masse continue to push this failed approach and resist anything else—particularly if suggested by patients who have not gone through medical school and pharmacology indoctrination.

One of the primary causes of breast cancer is low vitamin D levels. Studies prove this but it is by and large ignored. Vitamin D is generated in the skin by exposure to the UVB rays from the sun, the best source. It can also be consumed in the diet or with supplements.

The benefits of vitamin D reach far beyond just breast cancer to virtually every disease, including even allergies, psychopathologies, and autoimmune conditions. Vitamin D, and the sun that generates it, are our link to nature. We are not designed to be indoors wearing clothes. Veer from our design and the expected results will happen.

The recommended blood levels of vitamin D are 40-60 ng/ml; optimal is 50-80 ng/ml. That can be achieved by exposing at least half of the naked body between 10-2 for at least 20 minutes during the summer. Sun burning should be avoided. The irrational and uninformed paranoia the medical community has about cancer from reasonable sun exposure is unwarranted. The sun prevents, not causes cancer.

If exposure is not possible, safe tanning beds or 8000 IU/day of oral supplementation of Vitamin D3 will achieve the target blood levels.

This information, proven by thousands of studies, would cut billions of dollars out of medical care. Little wonder the medical/pharmacology community and the pharmacology supported media by and large ignore it. As usual, follow the money if you want to understand popular ideas, particularly those coming out of any industry-even those charged with keeping you alive.

Other obvious actions that can be taken are to get into a regular exercise program, avoid toxins and hormones, control weight and improve overall health by shifting the diet away from sugars, alcohol, and carbohydrates to fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fats, and proteins.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, get informed. There is no need for panic inasmuch as a large percentage of breast cancers will resolve on their own.

Carole Baggerly, a breast cancer victim turned activist, has created Grassrootshealth.net. It is one of many resources on the Internet and a good place to start in order to learn informed approaches and how to get blood vitamin D testing done right at home. You can even participate in a free study that will guide you in your approach to preventing and dealing with the disease and create data to overturn the dismal breast cancer medical paradigm.

In part 2 I'll discuss safe approaches to treatment and more factors that decrease risk.

Words of Wisdom: Graduation should not end curiosity and growth, nor should education be merely a ticket to income.

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