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Mandatory Vaccines?

By Dr. Wysong

Modern medical technology is wonderful when it comes to life threatening emergency care, such as compound fractures, a cut artery, a blocked intestine, poisoning, shock, etc. There the choice is usually simple since life hangs in the balance. This is true even if the procedure could possibly cause harm or death.

Virtually any other medical intervention should be viewed with extreme caution and suspicion. That's because the dangers, the side effects, could outweigh the possible benefits. Vaccines fall into this dubious class.

Here are some reasons for caution:
  1. A person is placing too much unwarranted trust in for-profit vaccine manufacturers and for-profit doctors when they blindly permit the injection of a substance into their body.
  2. The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella vaccine) has caused confirmed adverse reactions and death. Some, such as Dr. Gregory Poland, of the Mayo Clinic, argue that the MMR is largely ineffective.
  3. The Vaccine Court has paid out around $3 billion for adverse reactions in children. Go to www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/opinion-search for information on "measles-mumps-rubella" or "influenza".
  4. Read the package inserts that come with vaccines. Ask for them, or go to www.immunize.org/packageinserts. There you will find a host of listed dangers.
  5. In Europe only the polio vaccine is mandatory. But even that is problematic since the polio vaccine can cause polio.
  6. Thimerosal in vaccines contains 25 micrograms of ethyl mercury, which is trillions of atoms of mercury per dose. But there is no known safe level of mercury.
  7. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has permitted vaccine manufacturers and the medical establishment to escape from most liability, since, according to the court, all vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe". In 1986 Congress made a special "Vaccine Court", where there is no jury (completely sidestepping the Constitutional right to a trial by a jury of peers). The statute of limitations is onerous and short, and the burden of proof is extremely difficult. This permits vaccine makers to then now focus on their purpose for existence through advertising and commercialization.
  8. All flu vaccines are illegal, according to FDA law, since each year they are introduced into the market without sufficient time for clinical trials to determine safety and effectiveness. The nasal flu vaccine renders the recipient a virus shedder for several days.
  9. Vaccines can contain aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, antibiotics, monkey kidney cells, antibiotics, eggs, beta HCG hormone, urabi virus, and who knows what else. The safety of these elements is undetermined.
  10. The unvaccinated are blamed, by the vaccinated, for spreading disease. But why should the vaccinated care, since they are supposedly protected?
  11. Modified live vaccines can cause a vaccine version of the disease which can be spread to others. So it is not just the unvaccinated who spread diseases.
  12. Virtually all diseases and plagues declined BEFORE the introduction of vaccines or chemotherapeutic measures.
  13. Few people die from measles. This fact must be measured against the factual risks from the vaccine.
  14. Since 1986, Health & Human Services reports 669 deaths from the DTP, 84 deaths from flu vaccines, 80 deaths from the DTaP, 57 deaths from the MMR, 54 deaths from the Hepatitis B vaccine, and many more non-fatal adverse reactions. How then is it appropriate for the state to force injection of a possibly harmful or lethal drug on behalf of a profiteering medical-industrial complex that is immune from liability?
  15. In an October 2011 outbreak in Canada, over 50% of the 98 individuals had received two doses of measles vaccine.
  16. The media, sponsored by a $30 billion per year vaccine business, exhorts everyone to take all recommended vaccines unquestioningly. Does anyone see a problem with that?
  17. Dr. Andrew Wakefield wrote in the Lancet in 1998 that colitis and autism spectrum disorders are linked to the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Wakefield's results have been replicated in at least 28 studies in other countries.
    Nevertheless, he was denounced by the media and expelled from the medical profession in Great Britain. He has since been vindicated by Dr. William Thompson's admission that he excluded contradictory data from his CDC study denying any causal link between vaccines and autism. The media has ignored this information.
  18. How could it be considered irresponsible and ignorant to question giving children 49 injections of 14 vaccines by age six, including a vaccine at birth for hepatitis B, or for women to follow the CDC and take inadequately tested flu vaccines when pregnant?
  19. Seventy three percent of kids aged 7 to 10 who caught pertussis in 2012 in Washington had been fully vaccinated. Most everyone who gets pertussis, gets it from a vaccinated person.
  20. Consider "the paradox of measles." It is a paradox because those vaccinated are contracting the disease whilst the unvaccinated in many communities with outbreaks, are unscathed.
  21. The rise in shingles (a painful crippling disease) over the past decade or so, is due to the chicken pox vaccine. This link is not denied in academic literature and was confirmed by a study funded by the CDC.
  22. Vaccines banned in the west, are shipped to other countries. That should alert people to the true objectives of the manufacturers.
  23. Vaccines perpetuate the mistaken idea that health is someone else's responsibility. Health is only possible by taking responsibility for one's own actions, it is not something that can be bought or injected.
To consider any of the above points more carefully, just do an Internet search on the key words.

Thought: Nobody has a right to believe anything other than what the evidence before them demands.

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