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The Vaccine Dilemma

Everyone fears disease. As parents, this fear is especially heightened due to our love and sense of responsibility for our children. They are also particularly vulnerable due to their immature immune systems and their exposure to so many other children harboring who knows what.

There are about 760 vaccines available in the world with new ones being developed constantly. It is a multibillion dollar industry. Billions of dollars cloud clear and unbiased thinking in modern medicine as it does in every other industry.

For example, we are told that the great plagues were vanquished by vaccines and chemotherapeutic agents. But as these charts show, the majority of the decline in these diseases occurred before the medical measure was even introduced. Populations naturally develop resistance to disease, particularly as nutrition improves.


Also consider that although we are awash in vaccines today, health and disease incidence are not improving:
In 1976 1:30 children were learning disabled; Today it is 1:6
In 1980 1:27 had asthma; In 2013, 1:9
In 1992 1:500 got autism; In 2013 1:50

Similar increases in incidence can be found for many other diseases vaccines are supposed to be vanquishing.

In 1953 children received 16 doses of four vaccines in early years. In 1983 that increased to 23 doses of seven vaccines. In 2013 kids were to receive 69 doses of 16 vaccines. The increased administration of vaccines does not comport well with the increased incidence of disease.

Not only is there the question about effectiveness of vaccines, their safety is at issue as well. The mere fact that vaccines are comprised of millions of antigenic agents should raise a red flag as to the potential adverse impact on a person's finite immune system by overwhelming it with injected anitgens.

Some vaccines, such as for polio, have caused the disease they were designed to prevent. Keep in mind that vaccines are made up of the very disease agents they are targeting. Yes, they may be said to be modified or killed, but who can be absolutely sure.

Moreover, there are carriers, adjuvants, and other chemicals in vaccines that also carry risks.

It takes a lot of trust to permit a person to inject something into your body. If you don't know the exact composition and have studied all the pros and cons, that trust is not warranted.

As for proof, nobody knows for certain that a vaccine has prevented them from getting a disease. There are too many factors, such as genetics, nutrition, natural immunity, and lifestyle that affect susceptibility.

On the other hand, in particular individuals, there is strong evidence of disease related to vaccines. See this link and the associated videos for examples: http://www.vaxxed.com/vaxxed-stories-the-prosecutor/

With the Internet, there is no reason not to be informed in order to make the best choices for yourself and family.

Words of Wisdom: When doctors are put on salary, the number of surgeries decrease. When doctors go on strike, mortality decreases.

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