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Who ever thought we'd see the government running multitrillion dollar deficits, taking over health care, bullying, regulating, and taxing productive business out of business, owning banks, creating a permanent dependent underclass, be the number one employer in the country paying beyond private sector scale, destroying entrepreneurial incentive, printing fiat money by the boatload, and politicians treating themselves like royalty on our dime.

The government racks up debts that will be impossible to repay without printing money, while narrowing the tax base. At least 50% of Americans pay zero federal income tax, and 10% of the population–the demonized productive "wealthy"–are expected to pay the lion's share of everyone's citizen expenses.

Politicians have no limit to their appetite for programs that convince voters they can have what they dream of: something for nothing. So huge blocks of the public now think they are entitled to live at the expense of their neighbors and future generations. If the money is not in the treasury to pay for the freebies, then, not wanting to further alienate the tax paying voters, politicians simply borrow and print.

History teaches that this kind of government doesn't work and can't last. For one, the productive "wealthy" will simply leave, stop risk taking, or stop working. They will hide their incomes or only invest where they are protected from taxes. The political response will be bigger and tougher government... as occurs in all communist/socialist societies.

Following World War II (fought, incidentally, against anti-freedom socialistic tyranny), the paper currency standard was put in place in an attempt to fix problems government created. This allowed governments to run huge deficits and finance their activities through money printing.

Read the Communist Manifesto. It's basically identical to today's government policies. Any politician who tries to oppose the landslide of modern communist-style entitlements is immediately labeled insensitive, or another catch-all epithet du jour, such as "racist," "sexist," "homophobe," "wealthy," etc., and has been unelectable.

How soon we forget the blood our brothers shed in wars to fight communism. How we ignore our duty to the Constitution and the sworn oaths our elected leaders make to it. We repudiate the fact that any politician or citizen violating the Constitution and attempting to subvert it with socialism/communism is a traitor who should be either banished (say, to one of their dreamland communist countries like Cuba or North Korea) or punished accordingly.

In the alternative, since some insist on dividing the country, let's actually put in a border. On one side will be those who wish to adhere to the Constitution and understand equality to mean equal opportunity, not equal results. Government and taxes will be minimal and free enterprise will reign. On the other side will be a big communistic/socialistic style government with huge taxation so that everyone, regardless of their ambition or productivity, will have all their needs taken care of. The government will run all the businesses. Which side of the border do you imagine the power seekers and the free loaders will move to? Which side do you think entrepreneurs, risk takers, job creators, and wealth generators will move to? Which side will end up with the better standard of living and the most security and freedom?

If you think all Americans should be equal and have the same number of cars and televisions, free health care no matter how they live their lives, paid-for drugs that do more harm than good, Viagra for sex offenders, a bankrupt retirement scheme, guarantees for the banks, union job security and pensions for all, free food (more Americans are now on food stamps than at any time in history), etc., you better get a grip on reality. Such pie-in-the-sky ideas about how we might like the world to work (do the least, get the most), doesn't have anything to do with reality, how the world actually works. How about the common sense of: you get what you earn; you suffer the consequences for your own behavior?

Right now our economy is a charade. And economy is what social order is all about. When the bubble bursts and it falls apart, the consequences will be devastating.

Government out of the Communist playbook will get you a Cuba ghetto, a loaf of bread for a wheelbarrow of dollars, loss of freedom, and the iron hand of government like in the Soviet Union, Cambodia, North Korea, pre-capitalist communist China, etc.

This is the repeated cycle of societies through history:
1. from bondage to courage
2. from courage to enlightenment and liberty
3. from liberty to abundance
4. from abundance to ignorance and complacency
5. from ignorance and complacency to apathy
6. from apathy to dependence (seeking security rather than  freedom)
7. from dependence back into bondage

We are presently coursing from #6 to #7. But we could begin to reverse it at the coming election. Vote out the communists, the socialists, the career fat cat politicians who demagogue the voters, give themselves raises, obscene vacations, benefits and retirements, impose a form of health care on us they are exempt from, and enact laws they have not even read.

The degree to which such politicians are out of touch with reality in their communistic euphoria is typified by the leader of the House of Representatives recently saying, and actually believing, that the best way to stimulate the economy is by increasing food stamp distribution and extending unemployment compensation. Put in place of such incompetence–people who do not even understand what creates economic health in a nation–intelligent citizen representatives, people who know and respect the Constitution, preferably those who have actually held private sector jobs, created businesses, and revere the freedoms this country was founded on.

Vote in the coming election, but only if you know how to measure candidates against the standard that defines America, the Constitution.

Word Word: communist [kom-yuh-nist]
–noun A system of tight government control in which all labor and productivity is dispersed according to the mandates of those in power. It depends upon the false ideal of people working as hard as they can without regard to reward, and people receiving all their needs without regard for the efforts put forth.

Thought Thought: "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." —Thomas Jefferson

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"America is just about the best government idea that has ever come along, but the social parasites, the takers, will eventually have their way. A new world order is on its way. We can only hope that at least most of the principles in the Constitution will find their way into it."


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