Examining the fundamental problems of human existence — The Origin of Life, Health, Governance — and the rational means for their solution. Without an understanding of where we came from, we cannot know where we are going. Without health, a full life is not possible. Without liberty, human potential is but a wish.


You can pretty much figure that when some cause gains enough critical mass to become popular and cause significant money to flow, that cause has little to do with truth, and a lot to do with money and power.

That is the case with the present hysteria over CO2 emissions and climate change. Humans create about six of the 186 billion tons of CO2 (a minor component of the atmosphere, but critical for plant growth) emitted into the atmosphere each year.

It is more hubris than science to think that human activity affects macrocyclic Earth wide forces. The Earth has gone through multiple ice ages and warming periods. But it was not human activity that put a two-mile deep glacier on top of New York hundreds of thousands of years ago.

These are the things that cause climate change: Earth wobble over millennia (change in obliquity), changes in the elliptical orbit, Earth tilt, sunspot activity, gravitation forces exerted by the moon, sun, and other planets, changes in the ocean currents, changes in the reflectivity of the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere, tectonics, volcanism, and distortion of the crust from glacier weight…and who knows what else. None of this has to do with us, nor are windmills, solar panels, electric cars, or biofuels going to change any of these forces. More facts and detail here: http://www.geocraft.com/


For perspective, I like this graphic model of the Earth in relation to the Sun’s solar winds. To give even more perspective, consider that the Earth you see there, when its rotation, orbit, travel in the galaxy, and galaxy movement through the Universe are all tallied, is moving at about 1.5 million miles per hour.

Nevertheless, aspects of the green movement are valid and salutary. The world becoming eco-sensitive is a good thing so long as we don’t get too carried away with our place in the universe.

Unfortunately, the bad science surrounding climate change hoopla gives environmentalism in general a black eye. Just because we cannot really affect climate change, does not mean we should return to throwing our garbage out car windows, spew disease-causing smog into cities, develop every natural area, or consume with gusto nonrenewable resources. We must protect—to the degree we are reasonably able— ecological balances upon which we depend for survival. To flout environmental concerns because the global warming and climate change propaganda is a scam promoting certain political and economic agendas is a deadly mistake. We saw through the branch we sit on to our peril.

Thinking Thought — "When everyone begins to agree, the vote is unanimous, and status quo is secured hide your wallet and run for your life." —R L Wysong

Thinking Word — salutary- \sal-yuh-ter-ee\ Click for pronunciation -adjective: Favorable to or promoting health; healthful, promoting or conducive to some beneficial purpose; wholesome. If pessimism and a dour outlook are bad for our health, let's concentrate on the salutary benefits of humor and an optimistic attitude. (Also see usage in blog above)

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