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Think about it for a moment. When you are not ill and have other options to prevent disease, why on earth would you let anyone inject you with anything? First of all, you don’t know what is REALLY in the injection. You can only trust. Who are you trusting? People who make a profit from injecting you.

Secondly, with regard to vaccines, the injection route is unlike any that any microbe ever takes into the body. Vaccines are intended to stimulate the immune system, but the immune system is designed to be triggered at the normal ports of entry: oral, respiratory, and mucous membranes at body openings. When a microbe is injected it bypasses these normal mechanisms and immediately surprises and overwhelms the immune system. What’s more, nobody really knows what the modified laboratory microbes do long term once they take up residence inside of cells and in our genetic machinery.

People acquiesce because of fear and ignorance. We hear the horror stories of the great plagues of the past and how they littered the landscape with corpses. We learn that modern medicine with its vaccines and other chemotherapeutic agents came to the rescue and saved civilization.

Like just about every other urban legend, this one is not true either. The following charts track the death rate from the great plagues. Note when the chemotherapeutic agent credited with the decline in the death rate was introduced. In every case, the majority of the decline occurred BEFORE the savior medical intervention was introduced. For medicine to take credit for the decline in these diseases is like a crowing rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

Why do diseases decline naturally and affect some and not others? Because the intrinsic immunity of a population adjusts, and some people are more immune to some things than others. This has nothing to do with drugs, vaccines, sterilizing door handles, or wearing face masks.

Since it is our natural defenses that cure and prevent, not an injection, we should do all we can to enhance and support these defenses and be chary about all medical interventions. That can be done by eating foods as close to their natural state as possible, taking intelligent supplements, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of sunshine to stimulate the master healing hormone, vitamin D. (See my e-Health Letter for more help in this regard)

Politicians are now trying to get mileage out of fears about flu—and any other way they can take advantage of their own and public ignorance. There are even threats of forced vaccinations and fining or jailing people who don’t comply. More on this in a coming blog.

Thinking Thought — "In seeking health, we look for an easily identifiable enemy—like a germ—self discipline does not qualify." — R L Wysong

Thinking Word — chary- \c̸har-ē\ Click for pronunciation -adjective: not taking chances; careful; cautious. To be chary of offending others. (Also see usage in blog above)

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