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Once you live enough life you come to understand that things do go wrong—and a lot of the time. That is a reality experience teaches us. In fact, things go wrong so much that wisdom dictates that you better plan on it and be ready for the worst.

Vaccines can go wrong for a variety of reasons as previously discussed here. Think about this before you submit to the latest designer flu vaccine. Think about it before you follow the latest CDC recommended schedule for your child. Otherwise, by the time your child starts kindergarten he or she will have received 48 doses of 14 vaccines. During the first 18 months, 36 doses will be given.

Now then, if things do go wrong who will save you or your child? Will the government, the very agency that attempts to force vaccines on the population, step in?

Consider these facts:

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 created a "no-fault federal vaccine injury compensation program." It got rid of civil court lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and pediatricians.

Approx. 12,000 have applied for compensation; 2,200 have been awarded $1.8 billion.

Today there are 5,000 cases with autism as the "injury," but these cases are in limbo because autism is not recognized by the program as compensable.

If you want to engage this Act, be ready to be embroiled in a highly adversarial, time-consuming, stressful, and expensive process.

Many are now calling for a return to unrestricted lawsuits since the Act permits only up to $250,000 for an injury or death caused by vaccines. Although the windfall for attorneys is not very palatable, unleashing lawyers on the vaccine makers may be the only way a lid will be put on the vaccine mania.

Meanwhile all continues status quo. The system is funded by surcharges on each dose of vaccine sold. So the vaccine manufacturers aren't responsible for paying any of the award money, and they are shielded from potential lawsuits. What is even more outrageous is that the lawyers who fight against the families who file claims are not paid by the vaccine companies. They are full-time government attorneys, employed solely for the purpose of battling to defend the vaccine manufacturers.

Unfortunately our government is in bed with the flawed allopathic medical paradigm. The assumption is that disease is caused by something outside of us attacking us. So government does what it does best, declare war. Kill the enemy: the viruses, bacteria and other microbes that cause disease. Sure there are peripheral casualties in all wars. That’s what you and your child will be if the vaccine thing goes wrong.

In every epidemic, some succumb, some do not. That happens whether or not there are vaccines…or even doctors. Clearly something else is at play in protecting us from disease.

That something else is you and the choices you make in lifestyle and nutrition. Proper living and eating do more to prevent and cure illness, by thousands of fold, than any medical intervention ever dreamed of. Learn more about how to take control of your health in, Living Life As If Thinking Matters.

Thinking Thought — "With the official medicine of the past, one could, as Courter Gay has reflected, ‘expect to be bled, leeched, cupped, blistered, amputated, sweated, trepanned, scourged, and purged and flayed to the fare-thee-well.’ We are now the official medicine of the past in the future. Take heed."— R. Wysong

Thinking Word — embroil- \m-broil\ Click for pronunciation -verb: To involve in argument, contention, or hostile actions, to throw into confusion or disorder; entangle:  "Avoid... any step that may embroil us with Great Britain" (Alexander Hamilton).  

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