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DNA is the information-carrying molecule in the genome that makes us (biologically) what we are, and keeps us that way. When genes are mutated, the resulting damage can cause disease and premature aging. At any given moment our DNA is being assaulted by free radicals, toxins, and various forms of ionizing radiation, such as x-rays, cosmic rays, and who knows what else. We can limit exposure to some extent, but not completely.

Fortunately, all is not lost. The body has an array of mechanisms to repair damaged DNA and other information-carrying nucleic acid molecules. These are called DNA repair mechanisms. Picture them as molecular service repair robots that are automatically called into action as soon as damage occurs. Without them we would not last long.

DNA damage is detected by certain biochemicals that set in motion a cascade of events leading to the formation of enzymes (such as helicases and ligases) that excise the damage and facilitate repair. Studies of these events in mutation-induced diseases have shown as many as 700 proteins (robots) that were activated in response to DNA damage. Researchers believe this only represents about 15% of the actual number.

These things are all very important in understanding disease and the potential for enhancing DNA repair so health is restored. But think about what this says about where we all come from.

Evolution demands mutation in order to drive the upward ascent in complexity. But mutations, in practice, are virtually all damaging and threaten survival. The body goes to extraordinary lengths to prevent and repair DNA damage, not encourage it. Health and life depend upon protecting the complex genetic information that keeps us as we are. In other words, biology is anti-evolution, not pro.

Additionally the staggering complexity of these repair mechanisms is now only beginning to be understood. We are mere students of this phantasmagoric phenomenon called life, yet evolutionists would have us believe it all comes about on its own. There are over 6000 enzymes known; scientists have yet to synthesize even one! Yet evolutionists are convinced these chemicals and the millions of others necessary for life just all came to be through the magic of time—which actually destroys, not invents, complexity.

Two other new findings in genetics have upended conventional thought and put a further nix on evolution. One is in the field of epigenetics. It has been discovered that environmental factors, not just mutations and genes, can affect inheritance. For example, the nutrition of a parent can affect offspring. But only to a degree. Creatures do not become something they are not. In fact, another recent finding is the ability of mutant parents to produce the unexpected. Instead of throwing mutant offspring, a large percentage of the offspring revert to the wild type. Massive programmed genetic rearrangements occur to bring the novel, the weird—the fodder needed for evolution—back in line. Clearly, organisms do not want to evolve into something other than what they already are.

Incidentally, there are hundreds of thousands of scientific papers describing WHAT biochemically occurs in living tissue, and at least that many expressing the BELIEF that it all came about by evolution. But there is not ONE paper that lays out a detailed and cogent step by step biochemical pathway explaining how any of it, not even a single part, could come about spontaneously.

I’m not sure what is more mind boggling, the staggering complexity of life, or the outrageous blindness and hubris of those who think it all happens because of time and chance.

Our existence is not an accident. Once that is understood, the path is cleared to discover the meaning of our existence and its purpose. (See Solving The Big Questions As If Thinking Matters to learn more.)

References—Scientist 3-09: 36, 58

Word Word: \hy·bris\
Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance: "There is no safety in unlimited technological hubris"

Thought Thought: "I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of." —Clarence Darrow

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Dr. Wysong, this is Peter Brusaschi from Australia. An opal miner and cutter but really interested in ancient history and the Bible.

Your book: Creation- evolution controversy. Great! As you say LOGIC is the clue!

Usually I find talking to people about evolution is pretty simple. I just tell them that nothing moves without a mover and nothing makes an intelligent movement without an intelligent mover and if you can give me one example on the planet where this is not the case, you might have a basis to believe that intelligence was not required to produce life. We are made of a few dollars worth of dirt and a bucket of water. I've never seen any bit of dirt make any movements without something to move it. anyway enough of that.

Currently I am talking to a lady who is a lot smarter than me mathematically and unless I yell a bit louder than her she dominates the conversation. She sits there with her laptop and asks Google every time she doesn't know something. (a very dubious authority) and I have a rule that if winning an argument depends on the loudness of your voice, you might as well loose the argument because you've lost your principles anyway. When I presented her with this argument about movements and movers, she went into a whole lot of complications about quantum physics saying that things move without a mover. She lost me at that point.

She's really crowing on about this movie 'the origin of life' which identifies human life starting 60,000 years ago in Africa by genetic mutations. She's making a big thing about the genome of which I know very little. Mutations of course are 99.9% negative but I don't know enough about the genome to comment and I'm wondering if you've written anything about this latest attempt to discredit the bible.

I've researched most of the clocks used to establish ages of specimens (all have weak 'springs' as you know) except the one someone told me about the ice core samples taken from the arctic. This ice I would assume has been there since Noahs day so the time would have to be from then on. I can't find any comments on this subject too and am wondering if you have written anything specific about these subjects apart from the excellent information in the book already mentioned. (she also brought up dendrochronology which needs radio carbon to verify it, so it's like one weak clock checking on another. Sorting of like tuning your guitar with an out of tune piano- I like this one because I'm a muso)

Won't take more of your time. you are a busy man. Thanks so much again for your excellent presentation

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your comments and clever thoughts.

I press evolutionists for three things:
1. Show an example of life springing from inorganic matter.
2. Show an example of living creatures transmutating, i.e., changing into an advanced form that will not breed back with the original stock and return to the wild type.
3. Show the precise, step-by-step biochemical mechanism for the development of any organ or functional living part.

They will not and cannot, yet each of the above are required if belief in evolution is based upon anything other than faith.

As for the arguments about quantum mechanics and genetics, I address these quite completely in my new book, Solving The Big Questions As If Thinking Matters. This book also forces religionists to apply the same standards of truth seeking (i.e. God seeking) to religion as they do to the question of origins. Both evolutionists and religionists find this book to be a challenge to their honesty and open mindedness.

R. Wysong
Thanks so much for your extra comments. It puts it in a nutshell.


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