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Mice are decent sort of critter. Just as decent and worthy of life as anything else. But to evolutionists they are simply a morsel of biology to use and abuse with impunity and then discard like refuse. For what? To attempt to prove their faith-based belief.

For example, at the Washington University school of medicine, scientists are studying how bone length and skull width in mice can vary as a result of mutations. The study has been going on for some 15 years. In the past few years about 5,000 mice have been sacrificed at the evolutionary altar. And it’s not a pretty thing. First the mice are mutated, then killed, gutted, put in a small plastic bag and frozen. Then they are removed from the freezer, thawed, and skinned—as they say, "like peeling oranges." They have to be skinned because next they are put in bins where hundreds of flesh eating beetles devour all but the bones. The beetles don’t like the fur.

At Yale University evolutionists have evaluated 1,000 mice for 70 different traits, taking 210,000 different measurements. They have also evaluated another 10,000 mice through 35 generations.

The most profound conclusion coming out of the data is that "...in a complex organism with many specialized traits, any mutation has more chance of disrupting the system than of improving it. By analogy, changing the length of an arbitrary component would harm the function of a hammer drastically less than a microscope." (Allen Orr, University of Rochester) In other words, complexity itself is a deterrent to evolution. The very thing evolution is supposed to be doing—increasing complexity—is the very thing that prevents it from happening.

But rather than admit this, the researchers conclude "complex organisms evolve much more slowly than simpler organisms." That is evolutionary thaumaturgy: Time is invoked like a magic wand to solve what empirical evidence, logic, and natural law preclude. Faith, it is such a wondrous thing. With it anything can be proven no matter what the evidence.

These mouse shenanigans are being done in a couple of labs. But similar Frankenstein experiments have been going on for centuries all over the world. Millions of mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, fruit flies and the like have been sacrificed at the evolutionary alter. But these innocent creatures are all born mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, and fruit flies, and they and their offspring all die being the same. With regard to the mice in the experiments described above, their bone size and other traits can vary, but all such variations are constrained within the confines of miceness.

The implications of that fact are entirely overlooked. After all, evolution MUST be true. If the evidence is shaky, back to skinning a few thousand more innocent mice. Nobody seems to be able to stand back and say, "Wait a minute, all this work, all our brains to try to prove evolution, and everything just keeps staying the same. Hey, maybe our evolution idea is not correct and we should go back to the drawing board."

The hoped for proof of evolution will not appear no matter how many mice are skinned because the evolutionary hypothesis is irrational and contradicts proven scientific laws. I know, I know, everyone thinks evolution is real smart and the same thing as science. But you will find it impossible to read Solving The Big Questions As If Thinking Matters and remain a part of that "everyone."

Thinking Thought — "One of the most difficult but most important aspects of science is rejecting a hypothesis that is not supported by the data."— Modern Chemistry (high school text book)

Thinking Word — thaumaturgy - \thau·ma·tur·gy\ Click for pronunciation -noun: The working of miracles or magic feats.

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