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Heart disease is the number one disease killer. This is in spite of angiograms, angioplasty, bypass surgery, stents, and people by the millions taking trainloads of cholesterol lowering drugs like they are peanuts. In fact, these drugs are the number one selling pharmaceuticals.

When billions and billions of dollars get behind an idea—like cholesterol causes heart disease—you should be jumping off the wagon and running for the hills. Money perverts truth; it is not a measure of it.

I have just finished a new book entitled, The Cholesterol Myth—Believe It To Your Peril. In it I show that the cholesterol mania must have come from the slow group at scientist school. Nevertheless, it dogs medical thought and feeds a cash cow—medical consumers.

This is not the place to repeat all the proofs in the book, but as with virtually every disease, the cause is not a deficiency of a drug, but our unwillingness to live as we are genetically designed. Cholesterol is not a toxin. If you don’t consume it your body makes it anyway. It has done this forever, long before heart disease was killing seventeen million people a year. Cholesterol is not our enemy, it is essential to life. In fact, one of the best predictors of long life is high cholesterol!

For those of you who think health is about keeping track of your cholesterol numbers, this will sound way too outlandish. You will just need to read the book when it comes out this early summer.

In the meantime, let me make some suggestions of things for you to do that cost next to nothing, are easy, and have no downside. This could prevent and reverse heart disease and potentially save your life.

I can’t get into detail on why these things are important and the incontrovertible science and logic behind them, so just take my word for now.

1. Change the diet as much as possible to foods you could find and digest in their raw state if you were alone in the wild. Dramatically
decrease sugars and starches. Emphasize meats, eggs, yogurt, veggies, fruits, nuts--the natural foods of humans.
2. Try to work up to 3-4 quarts of pure water per day. Mix 1/2 lemon in your first morning glass. It will help alkalinize you.
3. 1000 mg vitamin C daily--and lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Critical for the health of the lining of your arteries.
4. 400 IU of natural mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) to help stave off the free radical damage to artery linings.
5. Magnesium--200 mg per day.
6. CoQ10—150-200 mg per day.
7. 2000 IUs of vitamin D if you are not getting daily sunshine on your skin.
8. Get on a prudent exercise program and stick with it. If you are not physically active the equivalent of what it would take to get food if you were in the wild, then you should not be eating.

(If you have trouble finding any of the above, go to Wysonghealth.net. Disclosure: Yes, that is my company. No, I am not trying to profit from you. The company is not for profit and neither are my books—we give far more of them away then we sell.)

Seriously reconsider any meds you are on. Cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood thinning drugs pose a serious danger. Do not blindly trust what doctors say. They are a gigantic vending machine for the pharmaceutical industry and are blinded by their medical school reductionistic materialistic training.

Get healthy. Use your intelligence to arrest the modern degenerative diseases lurking within. Remember, without health nothing else is possible.

Thinking Thought — "Preservation of health is a duty. Few people seem to be conscious of such a thing as physical morality."— Hippocrates

Thinking Word — Cholesterol - \cho·les·ter·ol\ Click for pronunciation -noun: A complex biochemical produced by the body and incorporated into every cell membrane. The equivalent of the cholesterol found in four raw eggs is produced by the body daily. It serves as a starter molecule for the production of hormones, including the sex ones and vitamin D. In its natural unoxidized form (uncooked and unaerated) it is not a toxin, it is essential to life.

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