Examining the fundamental problems of human existence — The Origin of Life, Health, Governance — and the rational means for their solution. Without an understanding of where we came from, we cannot know where we are going. Without health, a full life is not possible. Without liberty, human potential is but a wish.


Society needs laws. They should be fair and just laws that do not unnecessarily infringe upon liberties. Our Founding Fathers knew this and installed a benevolent dictator. That dictator’s first initials are U.S., the last name is Constitution.

A pure democracy (plebiscite) cannot work because the majority of voters cannot be trusted for their intelligence or their concern for much beyond their short term personal benefit. That’s why the “progressive” democracy movement is counter to our long term interests. As a democratic republic we are to use our votes to elect people who will protect the benevolent dictator—The U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution is a contract with citizens guaranteeing them their liberty—particularly from unnecessary government intrusion. But few have read it, and public schools do not even teach it.

Go to the sites noted here to learn about the Constitution. Use the second site’s section for kids and read the material prepared for grade schoolers, and then work your way up.

National Constitution Center - ratify.constitutioncenter.org
U.S. Constitution Online - usconstitution.net

The Constitution is a legally binding contract between citizens and government. It is the only thing that stands between us and despotism. Read it, understand it, and hold politicians to it.

Thinking Thought —"Europe is almost certainly a goner. The future, if the West has one, belongs to ("evil") America alone-with maybe its cousins in brave Australia. But America can still survive, prosper, and defend its freedom only if it continues to believe in itself, in the sturdier virtues of self-reliance (not government), in the centrality of family, and in the conviction that ethics, intelligence, and rationality is really the world's last best hope (in other words, if we protect the Constitution). " —Steyn

Thinking Word — Plebiscites- \pleb-uh-sahyt, -sit\ Click for pronunciation -noun: A direct vote of the qualified voters of a state in regard to some important public question. The vote by which the people of a political unit determine autonomy or affiliation with another country. (Also see usage in blog below)

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