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How to Minimize Modern Radiation Exposures

It's easy to assume that modern technologies we consider essential are harmless. If we do something every day and there is no immediate ill effect we think all is well. We also tend to think that companies wouldn't harm us and government is keeping them in check.

Those assumptions are dangerously naïve.

For example, when x-ray machines were first introduced human and veterinary doctors used no protection. They were assured of the safety and not being able to feel x-rays seemed to confirm that. X-ray films from those days can be seen with the hands of medical personal holding the patient. The result, years after the fact, was various forms of radiation damage, including cancer.

There is compelling evidence to believe that electromagnetic radiation (EMF's) from household electrical devices and wiring are also harmful. Moreover, microwave ovens and WiFi radiation have their dangers. For the evidence, Internet search EMF, microwave, RF, and WiFi dangers.

This is not to suggest that you won't also find dispute. Many studies can be found that show no causal link to health problems. But such apparent contradictions, with experts arguing each side, can be found for about any issue.

You could spend a lifetime on any given subject trying to evaluate statistical data, cohorts, meta-analyses, controls, bias, and so on and never come to a sure conclusion. Look at what went on for decades with the question of smoking's link to cancer.

Without some overriding standard to measure conclusions by, we can be confused and lost forever.

Thankfully we have a standard. It is our natural contextual biological design. Anything contrary to it must be viewed with suspicion. Granted we can't return to the wild, but we can model our lives as much as possible to the natural archetypal pattern—within reason, and without becoming obsessed with it.

Due to their now ubiquitous use, cell phones are of particular concern. Although radiofrequency energy (RF) used with cell phones is primarily related to heat generation, evidence is accumulating to suggest serious dangers—as would be expected:

In animals, RF energy can cause cancer and exacerbate the effects of known carcinogens.

The World Health Organization concluded that cell phones may cause cancer, and damage memory, hearing, skin, and genitals.

A long-term study in 2015 has shown a link to aggressive and deadly glioblastoma brain cancer with as much as a twenty-year latency. (http://www.pathophysiologyjournal.com/article/S0928-4680(14)00064-9/fulltext)

Most alarming, studies have shown that the tumors occurred in the same side of the brain as phone use. (https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/do-cell-phones-cause-cancer-probably-but-it-s-complicated/)

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Manufacturers are required to warn of the danger of body contact, but it's in fine print. Here's the Apple IPhone disclaimer: "To reduce exposure to RF energy, use a hands-free option, such as the built-in speakerphone, the supplied headphones, or other similar accessories.”

The deleterious effects are dose dependent and exponentially related to distance. Thus, using a headset or the speakerphone with the phone at a distance greatly diminishes danger.

Further actions to minimize risk:
  1. Decrease cell phone use. Use land lines where possible.
  2. Turn off GPS service when not in use.
  3. Don't sleep with the phone next to you and turn it off at night.
  4. Use airplane mode whenever possible during the day.
  5. Put the phone in a bag, not on your body when traveling.
  6. Don't hold the phone to your ear.
  7. Turn the Wi-Fi off in the house when not in use and avoid buying more Wi-Fi devices.
  8. Hardwire computers rather than using Wi-Fi.
  9. Don't use the phone in poor reception areas since the exposure is greater.
  10. Charge the batteries in your computer when not in use, and then use your computer when it is not plugged in. Don't use devices on your lap.
I hope these thoughts will help minimize the potential danger to you.

Words of Wisdom: "It's much easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled." —Mark Twain

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How to Minimize Modern Radiation Exposures
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