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Vaccinations-Reasons For Pause

There is increasing pressure on people who choose not to vaccinate. Parents who hold this position are considered uninformed, thought to spread dangerous plagues, and deserve to have their children put under state control.

As a general rule, however, people who choose not to vaccinate take the step with great trepidation and only after educating themselves considerably. They make the choice because they have come to believe vaccines pose a greater threat than infectious disease.

On the other hand, those who vaccinate usually do not investigate and acquiesce with the herd. As for their claim that the unvaccinated are spreading disease, why the worry if vaccines protect the vaccinated?

The dangers of vaccines are clearly documented and readily available with a quick Internet search. Aside from that, intuition itself should put the brakes on. Think about it. Permitting someone to inject something—like modified live viruses (pathogenic genetic material)—into your body is the epitome of unjustified trust. Nobody really knows what becomes of millions of inactivated or attenuated (hopefully) injected infective agents over time.

Nothing naturally enters the body through a hypodermic needle. An injection totally bypasses the normal oral, topical, respiratory, and reproductive avenues of infection and the step-wise immune stimulation that occurs attendant to that. (In this regard, a killed vaccine inoculated via these entry points would at least make more sense and be safer.)

Intuition tells us to never extend trust to a medical invasion of the body unless there is proof beyond doubt about safety and benefit. But nobody makes such an examination. Most just believe the medical spin and roll up their sleeves.

Virtually every medical intervention eventually produces more harm than good. Thus, modern medicine has now become the number one killer. Why would it not be? Intuition and history tell us that interference with biological mechanisms (which is what symptom- and vaccine-based medicine is) will surely cause harm.

For example, polio derived from the vaccine itself can and does occur. Evidence grows that every flu vaccine a person receives significantly increases the risk of Alzheimer's. An estimated ten million of the seventy-eight million baby boomers still alive are slated to get this disease, imposing staggering consequences on families, the economy, and the nation's health and long-term care infrastructure. Such unpublicized untoward results are present for virtually every vaccine.

But the public and those schooled in medicine have been well propagandized to believe that without vaccines we would still be victims of the great plagues and epidemics. However, vaccines and pharmaceuticals are given far more credit than they deserve. In fact, all the great plagues diminished before vaccines and chemotherapeutic agents were even introduced.


Further corroboration found here: Immunization Graphs, Vaccines Did Not Save Us.

Consider the toxicity of thimerosal, a mercury containing additive used in vaccines as a preservative. A quick Internet search will yield the evidence of its toxicity and the possible ties between it and the epidemic of autism.

But proponents of vaccines are countering this threat with reports that thimerosal may actually be good for you.

Well, again, intuition should tell us differently. Synthetic chemicals containing known heavy metal toxins, like mercury, are not likely to be beneficial. Thimerosal is about 50% mercury, the second most toxic element on earth. If a thermometer breaks in a school room, the school is evacuated. Such toxicity should cause pause for any alert person.

Dr. Boyd Haley, professor and chairman of the Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, a researcher on the toxic effects of mercury, concluded:

"Any epidemiological study that shows that exposures to thimerosal or mercury, especially above the EPA safe level, is beneficial is most likely due to the "pruning" of the subjects to remove those children or subjects who are most susceptible to mercury toxicity. If you consider the English study that indicated no effect of thimerosal, at least one-third of the children were dropped from the study. This alone indicates severe pruning of the subjects, which could lead to erroneous results such as 'thimerosal makes you healthier.' In fact, any reasonable scientist would question any selection process of subjects that resulted in the finding that exposure to ethylmercury above the EPA safe level was good for children."

Epidemiologists and statisticians seeking to minimize thimerosal's toxicity, divide diseases into several different names in order to minimize the possible association of thimerosal to any one disease. Subjects for a study can thus be pruned and data groomed however special interests see fit to show whatever result they want—like "mercury is healthy."

Such manipulation reminds me of this tongue-in-cheek assessment of statistics: 83.74% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Mercury isn't the only potential problem. Other nasty characters potentially in vaccines include formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, ammonium sulfate, phenoxyethanol, beta-Propiolactone, various animal tissues, and diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue.

A short eBook entitled Aluminum in Vaccines - a Neurological Gamble, has documented the extreme hazards of aluminum added to vaccines. Medical "experts" added high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum to vaccines in every child's immunization schedule when they removed several vaccines containing mercury. Two-month-old babies now get 1,225 mcg of aluminum in their vaccines. That's 50 times more than accepted safety levels.

This is Russian roulette with the nervous system since all cells in the central nervous system, including glial cells, take up aluminum. Aluminum can over-activate these and other cells in the nervous system resulting in an outpouring of chemicals called excitotoxins. When over-produced, they can effectively excite neurons to death.

Vaccine manufacturers add poisonous metal adjuvants to "enhance" the immune response. But they are non-specific activators that can induce autoimmunity. Aluminum may be as toxic to your brain as mercury.

Think long and hard and do an Internet search before subjecting yourself or your family to vaccines. What I have outlined above is surely the tip of the iceberg in terms of dangers. Nobody fully understands the long term consequences.

There are many safe alternatives to addressing diseases. For one, keep yourself healthy: exercise, sunlight, natural nutrition, intelligent supplementation, creativity, and loving social interaction. If disease does strike, explore alternatives such as oxygen therapy, high dose vitamin C, colostrum, nutraceuticals, colloidal and ionic silver, homeopathics...

Use the Internet and the Resource Directory to learn what you need to in order to take control of your own health destiny.

Thought: 85% of all disease is self-limiting. That means 85% of all treatments are superfluous.

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I got polio in 1955-6 from the vaccine. Problems have plagued me, my entire life. As an adult I have never had another vaccine.

That is horrible!

On another note....my boss just had a baby 6 months ago and had his son vaccinated for the flu. He was not wanting to give his son the vaccination because he has gotten the flu from the vaccination himself 5 years ago... Well the doctor told him and his wife how an infant can die from the flu and his wife pushed to get it.. He got vaccinated.. Got the flu.. And my boss got sick with the flu for the first time in 5 years.

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